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Is it time to replace your windows?

Keeping your windows clean and in working order is a necessary chore for all homeowners, especially those who live in older houses. The National Association of Realtors recently reported that new windows offers the biggest return-on-investment when selling a house. So, a well-maintained house demands a much higher price than one in a simply fair condition.

So, when do you know when it’s time to invest in new replacement windows? The look and condition of your windows offer immediate hints as to whether or not it is time to replace your windows, but there are other clues that you can look for as well.

Warm & Cool Spots: Finding a warm spot on the window frame on a hot day, or a cool spot on a cold day, means that the window is not properly insulating the house and allowing air to pass through to the inside. It’s been shown that on sunny, 80 degree days, the exterior of a building can reach up to 150 degrees, which can easily pass into your home, increasing your energy costs. If you discover a warm or cool spot in your window frame, it is probably time for some new replacement windows.

Window Frames: Older window frames tend to deteriorate and get softer, letting more air leak into your home. An easy test is to check the softness of the wood with a flat-blade or blunted screwdriver. If the screwdriver can be easily pushed into the wood, then that is a sign that the wood is decaying rapidly and replacement windows are usually needed.

Frost or Ice Build-Up: Frost and ice commonly forms around windows that are older and have poor insulation or use poor thermal material. These problems permit a too-quick transition from hot to cold air, which causes condensation. Too much condensation can cause water to run off the window pane onto the frame, staining the wood or even the adjoining walls. This can cause mold or mildew, so it’s important to attend to this problem as soon as possible.

Window Appearance: The appearance and general condition of your windows is one of the first things that you should look for and one of the most obvious signs that new replacement windows are needed. Check for chipping, deterioration, or water stains on or around the exterior and interior of the window. Peeling paint is a hint as well, since it is caused by moisture traveling through windows, making the frame to expand or contract.

Window Operation: As mentioned before, look for air leaks in the frame or condensation and fogging between glass panes. Be sure to also test each window by opening and closing it to make sure it functions properly. Windows that are swollen so much that they cannot be opened, or windows that need a prop to stay open, are in need of replacement.

Window Age: This may sound strange, but windows that have a style that is outdated or doesn’t fit in with the rest of the house are usually in need of replacement, even if they seem to be working properly. If you have tried to fix them by purchasing replacement parts, and the parts are difficult or impossible to find at a hardware store that is giving you a sign that your windows are older and need updating.

Caulking: Telling the difference between a properly placed and well-done caulk job and one that is deteriorating can be a difficult task. However, there’s a simple test that makes it easier. While you stand outside traveling around the entire exterior window frame with a flashlight, have someone stand inside the window. If this person can see light coming through the frame, then caulking failure is likely and air infiltration and energy loss is occurring as well.

Rotting: Once windows begin to rot it is very difficult to stop it from traveling. Therefore, it’s imperative that you check your home regularly for signs of rotting, mold or mildew. Rot can spread from one surface to another, so also check the walls around your windows as well.

Exterior Noise: Old windows generally mean poor insulation, which creates openings that allow drafts and outside noise into the interior of the house. One great trick for finding small openings like this is to hold a lighted candle in front of a suspected spot and watch to see if it flickers. If it does, there’s a leak and unwelcome outside air is being let in, causing energy loss and unwanted heat transfer.

Black Label Services LLC can help you determine the replacement window option that is suitable for you and your home. Call us for a free consultation and estimate today!

Replacing windows is a smart, energy-saving and money saving investment

Everywhere across the nation there is a wave of increasing energy bills, caused by rising oil prices, inflation, drought and the increased demand of energy. Whatever the reason for the growth, it is impacting all of us. Knowing all of this, saving money by conserving energy is a very smart investment. One great way to conserve is to replace your homes windows with energy saving windows.

Energy saving windows have certain features that are made to reduce energy waste in one way or another. These features include; multiple glazing, thickness of air space, Gas filled, Tinted glass, Low-e, and edge spacers. Any of these features will affect the energy performance rating, which is displayed on the window when you purchase it.

The energy rating sticker is divided into three sections; the first section shows the manufacturer, materials the window is made out of and the product type. The second section is the actual energy ratings; this is divided into two categories, U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. The U-Factor is the amount of heat that moves through the window in a one hour period. The lower the U-Factor, the better the window insulates the house. Solar heat gain coefficient measures the amount of heat from the sun that passes through the window. The higher the number, the more heat is allowed in. So if you live in a colder climate such as Minnesota, you want this number to be high. If you live in a warm climate, you want to find windows where this measure is low. The third section shows additional performance, including visible transmittance and air leakage. These numbers tell you how much air leaks past the windows edge, so you will want to find windows with lower number here. we will explain a few styles of energy saving replacement windows:

•Multiple glazing uses more than one layer of glass or other materials in a window. The thickness in multiple layered windows will affect the insulating factor of the window.

•Gas filled windows are just as they sound, multiple layers are filled with a gas (usually Krypton or Argon gas) to help with insulation.

•Low-e glass is a glass coated with transparent coatings of silver or tin oxide, this allows light to come through but blocks heat from passing through.

•High quality edge spacers will prevent air leakage.

Replacing your old windows with energy saving windows will insulate your home 4 times more than your old windows you have now, this will save you money and our environment in the long run. Choosing the right window can be confusing but Black Label Services LLC of Eden Prairie can help you find the right choice of windows for you. Call us today at 952-563-0111!

Signs that it’s time to replace your windows

images-2[1]Trying to figure whether you should repair or replace your windows? Here are telling signs that new windows are the answer.

In some cases, you may be able to hold onto old windows. However, if you’re experiencing serious issues with their structure or efficiency, it’s a telling sign to update them ASAP.

Years of use can wear out windows in many ways. And in many cases, the only way to deal with the wear is to replace your windows.

Check out these clear signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

You Feel Drafts in Your Home

Even the best windows will allow a slight amount of air infiltration, but it should never be something you can feel or notice. If it is, your comfort may be in jeopardy.

Why? Because windows wear out over time and let more air in.

For example, wood windows can become warped from exposure to moisture and this can make the window too tight to operate properly in some places, while creating gaps in other areas.

Another example of how air can infiltrate a window? When the corners of the sashes and frames become loose and create gaps that allow air to penetrate the window.

And while your first instinct may be to apply weather stripping, it’s good to note that noticeable drafts often indicate an air leak caused by more than missing or damaged weather stripping. In fact, sealing and weather stripping should not be considered as anything more than just a temporary fix.

It really isn’t a permanent fix because sealants expand and contract, which will lead to gaps again soon.

So, what’s the best solution to avoid these drafts? Replacing your windows entirely.

You Have Difficulty Shutting or Opening Your Windows

Window replacement 101: If you can’t open or close your windows properly, it’s time to get new ones.

This is especially true for older double hung and single hung windows, which have issues with balance. The balance is the mechanism that keeps the window up when you open it.

When the balance fails, the window will no longer remain up when opened and can slam shut, posing a potential hazard.

Wood and metal windows can also experience similar operating failures. Wood and metal windows that haven’t been properly painted can rot or rust, which can also cause them to fail to operate correctly.

There’s Condensation Inside the Glass (of Double- or Triple-Paned Windows)

If you have double- or triple-paned windows and notice condensation or fog inside the glass, you might need to replace the glass or the entire window – depending on the seriousness of the issue.

That’s because condensation and fog between the glass panels can indicate seal failure. When the seal fails, moisture is able to enter the space between the panes of glass and as a result, air will condense on the glass. And when this happens, the insulated glass is no longer doing its job – which is to create a barrier to cold air.

Here’s one more clue that the seal has failed: Condensation in between the panes of glass will leave a white film which is caused by calcium deposited on the glass. If you see this white film, even if there is no visible condensation, it’s a safe bet that the insulated glass unit has failed.

Your Energy Bill is Expensive

If your heating and cooling costs are high, it’s likely that you have an inefficient furnace, or old windows that are simply not energy efficient.

So, should you replace your windows?

According to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) website, “If your home has very old and/or inefficient windows, it might be more cost-effective to replace them than to try to improve their energy efficiency. New, energy-efficient windows eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs, and sometimes even lighting costs.”

What are your best bets for energy-efficient windows?

The DOE suggests looking for windows that have at least two panes of glass or ENERGY STAR® labeled windows. These are high-performance windows which meet efficiency guidelines set by the DOE.

To receive a free consultation and price quote on the replacement of your windows, call Eden Prairie-based Black Label Services LLC at 952-563-0111 today! And don’t forget to ask about our financing options! null


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