Five winter remodeling projects to improve your home

Home improvement projects aren’t just for the spring and summer months. There are a number of home improvement remodeling projects you can do during the winter. During the winter months you’ll want to mainly focus on the inside of the house for your remodeling projects.

Here are the top five home remodeling projects you can do in the winter to improve your home.

Paint the interior of the house. You may have spent the warmer months sprucing up the outside of your home. It’s now time to focus on the inside of the house. One way you can brighten things up is to give each room a fresh coat of paint, if needed. If you’ve got a drab room, try a bolder color for a change of pace.

Remodel the bathroom. People spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Take a look around your bathroom to see what you can improve. If you don’t have the skill or money to renovate the whole bathroom, address one or two item that need improving. Perhaps you’d like to refinish the bathtub or you could use a new toilet or sink. Now is a good time to tackle those much needed renovations in your bathroom.

Improve insulation. Increase the insulation in your attic. This suggestion for a winter home improvement project can save you a lot on your home heating bills. You can buy rolls of insulation from the home improvement store and install as directed. Also check around your home’s windows for any heating that could be escaping as well as cold air that could be coming into the house. Stop these heat leaks by caulking windows and door frames.

Lay new carpet. During the winter months, odds are that you’re spending much more time inside the house. If you carpet that needs refreshing, why not pull up the old and put down new carpet? Replace worn down carpet padding if you need to. Replacing the carpet and padding as a winter home improvement project will increase the comfort in your home tremendously.

Refinish the kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen is the heart of the home. If you can use some home improvement in the kitchen, consider refinishing the kitchen cabinets. Perhaps you’ll want to go light or darker, or just enhance the color of the cabinets as they are. It’s less expensive to refinish cabinets versus buying brand new ones. This winter home improvement project may even lead to more kitchen remodeling projects.

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