Leaf Protection

Minnesota Leaf Protection

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Why fix a $19,250 problem? A great gutter cover will simply stop it from ever starting:

How often should you clean out your gutters? Never.


  • No need to climb ladders anymore. Your safety finally comes first
  • Anything bigger than half the width of your hair is kept out for good
  • Water quickly filters through and is carried to where it can’t damage your home
  • Guaranteed to keep out leaves, pine needles, tiny spring buds and debris–even tiny shingle grit
  • Birds & bees won’t find a dry place to nest. Squirrels won’t find a way into your attic. Mosquitoes won’t find standing water to breed
  • Icicles? Snow? Ask about added protection with a Heated Gutter Guard

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Gutter Leaf Protection System

A home is more than four walls. It is a place where you can relax after a long day at the office, spend time with the family or entertain. Even if you bought the house new, time and weather means constant maintenance to make sure the structure remains sound inside and out.

Leaf Protection for Gutters in Minnesota

Falling leaves in golds, greens and reds, may seem pretty and the kids certainly enjoy jumping into piles of crunchy leaves, but these leaves also tend to fall into gutter troughs and clog them up. Sticks and other debris can also build up in unprotected gutters. When rain falls, if it cannot fall into the gutters and be carried safely away, it will spill over and cause damage to the roof or other parts of the house. But you can make sure the gutters remain clear by hiring experts to install a professional grade leaf protection.

Such a service not only makes sure the gutters are in good, working shape and clear of debris, a quality leaf protection product installed by Black Label Services, provides a barrier for the gutters. This barrier holds back leaves and other debris. By using a gutter barrier, rain and snow are free to fill up the gutters, while leaves and other debris are kept from clogging the gutter system.

Leaf protection means the homeowner isn’t constantly on the roof checking the gutters to make sure they are clear. It also means the homeowner isn’t setting up a ladder in mud, climbing up and frantically pulling leaves and debris from the gutters to clear them in the middle of a rainstorm. Cleaning gutters in a storm can even be dangerous. Gutter maintenance and leaf protection saves time and money from having to unclog or repair gutters.

We use solid material that stands up against the worst weather conditions and doesn’t crack under low temperatures. But leaf protection is only part of what we are skilled in doing. Gutters without a good roof will not last. We will also make sure your roof is well maintained and, when it needs replacing, will do so efficiently and at a cost that will fit the budget.

If you have Black Label Services add a porch to the existing structure to enjoy fresh air without insects and rain, they will also extend the gutters so water damage doesn’t end up dripping onto the newspaper you are trying to read while relaxing.

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