Minnesota Custom Decks

Need a new Deck Designed for your Home by a professional home remodeling contractor in Minneapolis, MN that you can trust? Call Black Label Services a call today! (952) 563-0111.

Custom Cedar Deck

Black Label Services has earned a reputation building affordable, high quality decks in Minnesota. Homeowners can take advantage of competitive prices and custom designs.

You only want to build a deck for your home one time. A deck isn’t a project you want to go into planning to replace later, so it is important to work with a company capable of exploring materials, designs, and utility to be sure you get the deck you were dreaming of.

There are many things to consider when thinking about a deck, and the lowest price is not always the best choice. Reliable contractors offer their clients quality construction that is made to last for years. Using solid materials is the starting point, and there are several different types of lumber and deck materials that can be used today. Designing a deck to match the particular home is another benefit that Black Label Services offers all of their clients. We take the time to design a 3D rendering of the proposed deck with you so you can see it before any commitments are made.

Homeowners are sure to appreciate our free estimates that will help them decide which type of deck is right for their home. After an owner has decided on the right design for their custom deck, they can then rely on a project that is completed on time with high quality. Black Label Services has teams of professional carpenters that build decks every day. These experts are skilled in the various phases of the construction and can have most projects wrapped up in a matter of days.

Custom Deck Materials for Minnesota Homes

The materials that are used in the construction project are something else to consider. Most of the times, homeowners rely on treated lumber for the framing and cedar for the finished surface. This is a great idea and is sure to provide years of service to the home. There are other materials that can be used as well. Composite decking is more popular than ever. This is an artificial material that sometimes mixes wood with other substances and more recently is using PVC. The finished product looks great and is incredibly durable. Maintenance issues are also minimized, and the composite lumber never needs to be painted. Custom decks are a great way to add extra living area to a home, and there are several benefits that are offered when homeowners rely on Black Label Services to help them with their construction project. This firm has been providing quality service for years.

We use the best materials, and owners can actually pick the finished surface of their new outdoor space. Quality is essential for home improvements, and trusting a professional deck builder is the best way to ensure a lasting job. Not all firms are equal, and it is important to consider the benefits of a company that specializes in this type of project. Black Label Services guarantees all of their workmanship. We offer free estimates, and homeowners can discuss their particular project with a professional.

Need a Custom Deck built for your home by a professional remodeling contractor in Minnesota that you can trust? Give Black Label Services a call today! (952) 563-0111.