Design Process

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Deck Design Process

Let us design a stunning deck for your home or business

A beautiful deck is a smart way to improve the value of your home or business, and it provides years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Once you have decided to enhance your home or business with a deck, Black Label Services stands ready to work with you every step of the way to realize your dream.

The process of building a deck always begins with your idea. Keeping your idea in mind, our professional staff members will help you create a detailed layout of your deck based on our three tested design criteria. The final plans for your deck are generated with AutoCAD and presented to you complete with a suggested materials list.

Design Criteria


Black Label Services strives to build your deck in balance with your home’s surroundings and to emphasize views. We build decks to compliment and accentuate your yard and landscaping, which makes your deck stand out from those of your neighbors.


Your deck’s proportion is another important criteria in the building process—your deck should match the scale of your house and its surroundings. A deck larger than the largest section of your home will look over-sized and out of proportion. Whenever possible, we also try to match the architecture of your deck with the architecture of your house. This approach assures that your deck appears as a part of your house and not an add-on structure.


Your deck’s focus is the final criteria in the deck building process. Focus essentially answers the question of what you will see from your deck. Building a deck with focus in mind can direct your eyes toward a beautiful pond or away from an unsightly water tower.