How double-glazing windows will help reduce your energy bills


Do you know what double-glazing is? If not, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to not only make your home look more stylish and comfortable, but could save countless dollars in heating and electricity charges. Double-glazing is a newer trend in energy efficient window designs that has become available to modern residential window buyers. Double-glazing works in more ways than you can imagine compared to a traditional window.

Firstly, the double-glazing window has two panes of glass and not one. You are probably wondering why two instead of one? The answer is that it provides double protection. Think of going into an arctic snowstorm or cold day sitting in the stands watching some hockey or football with only some light nylons on. That is what it is like with one window in your home. Now instead of just the nylons, you throw on some linens for an extra layer and find that you are much warmer and can keep going and going like the energizer bunny because your body doesn’t have to work as hard to stay warm. That is what it is like with double-glazing. In this case, two is better than one.

How Does The Double Glazing Technology Work?
It is truly an exceptionally mastered and crafted design tested by engineers and manufacturers across the world to prove its efficiency. In a single pane of glass, as mentioned before you are getting half the protection that a double-glazed offers with its two panes. The design also features a space-gap between the two panes that reduces any volatility between the two panes by immobilizing and neutralizing pressure at the particulate level. This makes for an excellent design because it reduces the cooling and heating of the internal pane. The double glazed air barrier between the panels is a static environment and insulates the internal pane.

Have you ever touched your window on a cold or hot day? If it is single pane, then chances are good that the temperature on the pane was close to the temperature of the environment outside. When you have double-glazing the interior pane matches the surrounding temperature of the inside of your house not the outside. Now that you understand this phenomenon, it is only a matter of doing some simple tests to figure out how that single pane of glass can impact the air temperature in your house enough to kick in the furnace.

Making Sense Of Double Glazing And Your Heating Bill?
Now that you know what double glazing is and how it works let’s theorize about the size of your house and the number of windows it has in relation to how you want to heat it and the heat that is removed from a single pane when it is cold out.

So you have felt that cold glass and feel that the air around it is cooler so now you need to take a thermometer and see what the temperature is beside your window versus what it is on your thermostat. Take this number and times it by the number of windows you have and divide it by your total square feet. This will give you an energy efficiency ratio that can be used for either hot or cold weather since the theory applies to both AC and heating units.

There is no absolutes assigned to this ratio, but is instead designed for you to think about your home and how much you are losing on your energy bill as a result of not joining the double glazing revolution. As you plan the next phase of upgrades to your home, make sure you consider your budget and the opportunity cost of double-glazing and how much you could save on energy costs.

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