What Do The Labels Mean?

Service, Quality, or Value?

All companies have the challenge of determining which of these three they are going to be good at: service, quality, or value. Normally a company can only be great at two of the three and good at the third. Joe asked the question, “Is there a way we can be great at all three?”

The goal of the company became: can we meet every customer with flexible service levels to match value to their needs while maintaining outstanding quality, and unmatched service. Joe’s belief is that value can be different to every customer based on their circumstances therefore it can be a variable. Quality and customer service were not variable because they could diminish the company’s standards, which was unacceptable. How can we provide a high level of service and quality without turning customers away because of limited budgets?

That is where the birth of the colored labels came to life. Black Label Services has become a network of the most highly skilled craftsmen and tradesmen in the area. With these partnerships we are able to match the skills, talents and experience of the craftsmen to the needs of the customer allowing a way to fit the budget of the customer. Every service offered is available with three distinct labels depending on the level of craftsmen and product desired.