Minnesota Storm Damage Repair

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Hail, wind & ice storms strike Minnesota every year

Hail Damage Repair in Minnesota

Minnesota Storm Damage Repair Contractor

Black Label Services is your Storm Damage Repair Contractors serving Minnesota. We specialize in hail damage inspections, hail damage restoration, repairing hail damage, storm damage insurance claims, and storm damage property inspection. Certified hail damage inspections and insurance claim restoration services provided. We provide expert knowledge on home remodeling repairs that deal with storm, wind, and hail damage.

Minnesota storms can bring strong winds and hail damage that can cause serious problems for your home that require immediate attention. Hail can cause deterioration to your exteriors that may lead to leaks or breakage, and when left un-repaired, your home and safety could be in jeopardy.

When your Minnesota home has suffered from weather related thunderstorm, hail, wind, fire, ice, or flood damage, Black Label Services’ trained and certified insurance specialists are there ready to assist you. Our team of storm damage consultants will:

  • Perform a complete inspection around your house, shed, patio/awnings, around your windows, eves, overhangs, gutters, downspouts, and any exterior structures that may have been damaged.
  • We document everything! When we meet with your insurance adjuster, we will show them what damage we found. If the adjuster agrees, we then discuss how much they will pay us to repair the damage as it is written in your insurance policy.

How can a strong storm or hail cause harm to my home?

Roofs can be damaged in several ways but the most common is wind or hail damage related. If not repaired properly, damaged roofs can lead to serious interior damage to your property. Harsh weather can impact more than just your roof. The siding, gutters, and other accessories may get damaged or begin to separate from the house. At Black Label Services, LLC we have 15+ years of experience in Minnesota storm damage restoration and are qualified to repair or completely replace your siding, roof, fascia, soffits, windows and doors.

Storm Damage Fascia RepairCan I file an insurance claim for damages to my home?

Most insurance companies cover losses and damages caused by hail damage or extreme weather. However, the insurance claims process can be very tedious and stressful when done alone. Black Label Services, LLC will work with your insurance company to assess the damage and make sure that you receive the full benefits of your claim. Let us take the hassle of inspecting your property, taking pictures, and meeting with your insurance adjuster. We are full service company when it comes to being an advocate for your storm or hail damage insurance claim.

What should I do if my home has been damaged?

Inspecting your roof and home after a storm is the first step in assessing damage. Damage can take on many forms, some damage is obvious to identify and some damage is more subtle. Make sure you choose an expert Minnesota storm damage restoration contractor who is Certified to give you a proper inspection. Many of our customers experienced smaller storms and were never aware they had hail damage on their roofs until meeting with one of our roof repair experts. At Black Label Services, LLC we have 15 years plus assessing storm damage to homes and we are experts in detecting even the slightest damage to your roof, siding, windows, or gutters.

Insurance adjusters don’t always find the subtle damage.

We do! In fact, 35% of our customers have had inspections done by other companies or ask us to help with insurance company re-inspections.
Now and then insurance adjusters will overlook or miss storm damage.

  • These situations are frustrating to many homeowners who have watched all their neighbors have their roof, siding, gutters, and more replaced
  • Some even have the same insurance companies
  • We document all damage before the insurance adjuster gets there. When he or she arrives, we simply make our presence known and prepare to compare notes
  • The insurance adjusters will take their own measurements which we compare with ours
  • It’s important to also document any steep slopes, dangerous work hazards, and unseen problems before the adjuster arrives because their time is limited and a professional pre-assessment goes a long way

We work on the homeowner’s behalf on contingency, and prepare an estimate of our own, then submit it directly to the insurance company.

  • If we don’t get an approval for the work, we don’t get the job. If we do, we do the work for the amount they approve.
  • You simply call your insurance company, have them send an adjuster out to meet us, and we’ll take it from there.

Remember, when a major storm hits, your neighborhood likely will be overrun by out of state ”storm chasers” who hit town to quickly to make as much money as they can, before leaving to find the next storm. Black Label Services, LLC has built a reputation of great service, we’ll be here long after the storm is over!

Call us at 612-200-1020. Our experienced and professional staff is here to answer any and all of your storm damage restoration questions. Black Label Services, LLC is the company Twin Cities homeowners trust to get their homes repaired quickly and hassle free!

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